Shanie Love Joins LatinasGoLive!

Shanie Love showing her latin bubble butt in micro thong

LatinasGoLive are very proud and excited to announce that one of the biggest latinas in the game, Shanie Love has joined the team!

It was in 2010 that the stars aligned and Shanie Love, along with Remi La Belle were really introduced to the world.

WSHH was the chosen platform and boy did she make an impact. The video was ‘trending’ long before trending existed. I can recall the video being sent and downloaded back when Blackberry was more than just a fruit. Luckily for everyone, technology has moved on so here is the video in question.

 As you can see, the reputation that Shanie Love has is well deserved.

Unlike plenty of other webcam models, (not mentioning any names) there is plenty of substance behind Shanie Love. She has a warm and friendly personality to go along with a truly filthy mind. This all adds up to one thing. The sexiest webcam show you are likely to find. Anywhere!

You name it, gagging, anal, bj’s, Shanie Love does it all.

Shanie Love in ed lingerie

Shanie Love & LatinasGoLive


Naked latina Shanie Love in bath tub

As you already know, there webcam industry is saturated with pages and models.

What we do here at LatinasGoLve is ‘trim the fat.’ We have everything you need in one. Sexy models at a great price. You can very easily connect with Shanie Love and friends without the hefty bill and burden of having to pay tips.

All you have to do, is add minutes to your account and you can use them when you want. That’s it. No tips, no tokens.

Our rates are the lowest that you will find. On top of that, you do not have to deal with other customers begging for free shit.

That said, everyone likes something free so to start you off, we will give you your first 5 minutes, free. 

If you’re already a member, and you haven’t added minutes, simply sign in and add your minutes.

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Shanie Love naked in stockings

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