Sexy Latina MizzIssy aka DominicanPoison

MizzIssy aka DominicanPoison

MizzIssy_DominicanPoison_pinches her nipples

Tittes or ass? Where do we begin when it comes to this Sexy Latina MizzIssy aka DominicanPoison?

This seems to have presented a dilemma for us here at LatinasGoLive

Beautifully stacked and packaged in a case of flawless caramel skin, MizzIzzy is one of those that we would have to add to the 10+ list!

Seriously, look at her pictures below and try and decide what you would love to put your dick first?

Would it be her luscious soft lips? Maybe a sloppy titty wank between her huge natural titties? No, how about laying back and letting her ride your dick and your face?

Whatever your preference, it would be practically impossible not to have the time of your life. Premature ejaculation would more than likely be your worst enemy. And who could blame you.

Representing the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic, where beautiful women are as common as water on the back of fish (believe me, we have been) extra points have to be awarded to her for standing out as the biggest webcam model from there.

MizzIssy has a huge fan base to go with her huge tits from every corner of the globe.

She also has her very own website From there she keeps you updated with her day to day adventures.

She also gives you the chance to connect with her as she also performs live cam sex shows.

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Photos of MizzIssy

MizzIssy_DominicanPoison_topless in denim
My mechanic looks nothing like this!! Follow @MizzIssy on twitter
MizzIssy_DominicanPoison_in dress
Dot to dot anyone? Follow @MizzIssy on twitter
MizzIssy_DominicanPoison_playing with her tits
Beautiful smile 🙂 Follow @MizzIssy on twitter
MizzIssy_DominicanPoison_taking a selfie
We normally do not condone selfies. Follow @MizzIssy on twitter
MizzIssy_DominicanPoison_ takes a bath
Bath time. Follow @MizzIssy on twitter
MizzIssy_DominicanPoison_in sexy red dress
What do those eyes say to you? Follow @MizzIssy on twitter
MizzIssy_DominicanPoison_opens her legs
Like Basic Instinct but a million times better. Follow @MizzIssy on twitter
MizzIssy_DominicanPoison_pinches her nipples
Any volunteers? Follow @MizzIssy on twitter

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